Michelle Maskaly is a journalist, content creator and business strategist and consultant who has been coming to the Adirondacks since she was baby.

Her great-grandparents bought a house in Lake George in the 1940s, and her family from across the country have been coming to the Adirondacks ever since. It was always her goal to call the place she came to love visiting, home, and seven years ago, three Realtors and a lot of overtime later, she made it a reality.

Michelle has fond memories of spending weekends, no matter what the season, driving up from New Jersey to see her great grandparents.

Her great-grandmother, was a special person and well ahead of her time. Not only was she an amazing cook, host and business professional, she was also a feisty woman who was just as comfortable in the kitchen as she was outside chopping wood for a fire. There was nothing she couldn’t do.

Her great-grandfather was a ball of fun. His personality was almost as big and tall as he was. He loved talking to people no matter where he was, and his all-time favorite thing was going for ice cream. If he were alive today with all the stores and ice cream shops now open, he would be in heaven.

The Adirondacks, Lake George and upstate New York hold a special place in Michelle’s heart. She not only wants the see the region’s businesses flourish, but she also wants people to experience the great times she had growing up and make lasting memories of their own in New York.

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