Spring Hike at Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve in Queensbury

Although I don’t think you could take a bad photo at the Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve in Queensbury, New York, this is my favorite photo from our hike.

Every view was absolutely stunning. (There are no filters applied to any of these photos)

This area below was one of the spots I stopped and just sat for a while with Maddux. It was so calming and relaxing.

The preserve is right along the Hudson River, which makes for a beautiful experience. We didn’t follow the full loop because part of the trail was covered in water and wasn’t passable. But, that was okay, we just doubled back and enjoyed the views again.

Since it wasn’t very busy, we went on part of the bike trail, which I didn’t immediately realize we were on.

You can hike or bike, and I believe you can snowshoe in winter. There was one steap-ish  hill that made me nervous, but it really was fine.

If you go:

  • It’s in the middle of a residential community and can be easily missed, so pay attention to the signs.
  • I used the All Trails app, which worked great to make sure we were on track.
  • Pack a lunch, or snack, and spend some time sitting by the Hudson River.  It is so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave.
  • Although it took us a while because we kept taking photos and I stopped several times to just enjoy the view, you can do the marked hike pretty quickly.
  • Keep your eyes out for wildlife. I spotted a turtle on one of the logs.

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