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My First Lake George Birthday

Yesterday was the first time in three years that I wasn’t in Chicago for work on my birthday. It was also the first time I’ve celebrated my birthday in Lake George – I’ve always been someplace else.

After all the crazy events of the past year, I really just wanted to not even celebrate my birthday, and just hide under the covers surrounded by my dogs. Well, that ended up not being the case.

It was actually a very nice day, ironically filled with a ton of my favorite things.

First off, it was a beautiful day, and started with a three mile walk in the village with Maddux. I seriously couldn’t believe how amazing it was – warm, but not humid and the lake was so calm and relaxing.

My friend was supposed to come up and spend the day with my, but those plans got messed up when I had no hot water the day before, because of a problem with my hot water heater. As a result, m y Dad came up to fix it, and he insisted on taking me to breakfast. We went to Gambles, which ended up being one of the best breakfasts I have had in a while. The eggs were perfectly cooked over medium, and the bacon was super crisp – both exactly the way I like them.

And, their crumb cake was my version of a birthday cake.

Last year, I learned that sitting on the beach and swimming in the lake makes me incredibly relaxed and calm. My favorite place to do this is in Bolton Landing. Since it was so nice out, I was determined to go swimming on my birthday – and I did. First day of Fall, 80-something degree weather and being able to still swim? Yes, please!

That didn’t last long, however, because then it was time to take my dog to his first agility AKC agility run at the Glens Falls Kennel Club. Although he, and I didn’t do well, it was still a fun experience. We both need a lot more practice!


Afterwards, my Dad also wanted to take me to dinner, so we went to the Adirondack Pub and Brewery – one of my favorite restaurants. Although I can’t really drink beer anymore, because I’m allergic, their food is consistently good. Their eggplant fries are the best I’ve ever had anywhere and their salmon is cooked perfectly.


I ended the night with a drink at a place that has become one of my favorites – the Lake George Beach Club. I desperately needed down time with a good view and some music. This was just the place.

While there, I was doing a little writing and reflecting, and thought about how lucky I am to still have Toby with me. Back in April, I didn’t think he would be around on my birthday. So, I headed home, turned on the fire, poured a glass of champagne and sat with him by the fire for a while. This is something he has always enjoyed, and I am so happy that I get to spend the time I am with him.


Overall, it was actually a pretty decent birthday. Cheers to hoping the next year is much better than the last!

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