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My Love Affair with the Lake George Beach Club

My love affair with the Lake George Beach Club is strong. It helps that the location, which used to be Shepherd’s Cove for as long as I can remember, is in my opinion, one of the best waterfront spots in Lake George Village.

Situated next to the park, near the beach and above the lake without much obstruction, it is a pretty hard view not to enjoy.

It has always been one of my favorite places to watch fireworks, listen to live music – whether on the deck or inside and just hang out. But, truth be told, it needed some upgrades. The new owners of the Lake George Beach Club have done just that. With some new paint, some overall renovations, a new menu, branded employee shirts and real glasses, they’ve taken it up a notch while still keeping what people liked about the place.

And, it works.

The live music with amazing backdrop is still a big part of the appeal, at least for me. And, it’s familiar faces playing the tunes. From what I understand they’ve even added more music. Sundays are my favorite day to go, because of the two bands they have playing. It’s a great way to cap off a weekend in Lake George.




And, the view is incredible. With both indoor and outdoor seating, plus the bar, there is a nice mix of dining options. Not pictured in this photo below are the blue beach umbrellas they have over many of the tables, which is prefect on a sunny day.


Let’s talk about the food.

You can tell a lot from a place’s mozzarella sticks. Are they overcooked, undercooked? What type of breading do they have. Are they burnt? It’s simple, and may sound silly, but the universally loved appetizer can be a good indication of how the rest of the food is going to be. It was the first thing I tried, and they were good.

But, what was even better? The rest of their menu. For Father’s Day, I took my Dad to the Adirondack Food and Wine Festival. After, we went to the Lake George Beach Club for a small bite. Not usually a fries kind of person, he asked if I wanted to split the pulled pork fries. I agreed. Oh man, were they good. I was hesitant at first, because it sounded like a dish that could come out sloppy and messy.

These were refined and polished.

I’m looking forward to trying more of their menus items in the future.



How about their drinks? They have a good number of craft beers on tap, wine served in appropriate glassware and a drink menu. A real drink menu with mixtures named to match  the area, like Million Dollar Mimosas, named after Million Dollar Beach across the way. Super cute idea.


They’ve really let the natural beauty of the place shine through, and live up to its potential.




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