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Howard Johnson’s Restaurant in Lake George

Where do I begin this post?

When I was little we *always* went here for breakfast while visiting my great-grandparents. In fact, it was one of the very few places we did go, because we usually just always ate at home.

I remember the big breakfast buffet and always wanting to sit by the window so I could look out at all the cars going by and Water Slide World. When they closed the restaurant I was so sad.

Before Christmas, my Dad was visiting and we went to breakfast. He had been there one of the times he was here watching my dogs, but this was my first time I stepped back in here in I can’t even remember how long.

While it did look the same, I was a little sad. It brought back so many memories, and I was afraid if it wasn’t good, it would ruin all my good thoughts from there.

The good news, it didn’t ruin anything, because the breakfast was actually very good, and the prices were pretty unbeatable. The bad news, the breakfast was actually very good, and it did make me sad.

We were one of about four tables there on a Saturday morning. That place place should be packed. It has so much potential, and to see not many people there made me disappointed. The last I read, this is the last standing Howard Johnson’s restaurant in the whole country. They were even featured on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.”

It might have just been because it was a Saturday in December, but I think this place needs people to give it a try. Or, maybe I am just a sap when it comes to old memories. 🙂


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