Horses, Reindeer & Fun at Saratoga County Fair 

The Saratoga County Fair kicked off yesterday at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds and included tons of fair food, beautiful horses, rides, 4-H exhibits and reindeer. 

It was my first time to the event, and my first time at a fair outside of New Jersey. Little bit different, but still tons of fun. 

Some people might have gone straight to the food area, which had everything from deep-fried bacon-wrapped snickers to hand rolled hot pretzels, but I opted for the animal tents. 

Look at these two! A reindeer and a beautiful Belgian. I was trying to figure out how I could leave with them without anyone seeing them. 

Seriously though, I feel in love with both of them, and after this horse got hosed off, the trainer let me give him some nose kisses and nuzzle with him. 

Totally made my night. So, did these guys. How beautiful are they? Someday I will own one.  

On to the food! 

I wanted typical “fair food” so I went straight to the funnel cakes. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these. They were good, but luckily not as good as I remember them so I had a few bites and was done. 

I debated a strawberry taco, but all the extras on top weren’t my style, so later in the night I opted for a fresh-from the oven hand-rolled hot pretzel. With a little spicy mustard, it was pretty good. 

Growing up, one of the things I always looked forward to was attending the Flemington Fair with my aunt and uncle. It was huge and so much fun. Before that she would take me to the Meadowlands Fair (both in New Jersey), so I have a soft spot for fairs.  

The Saratoga County Fair runs through Sunday. 

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