Glens Falls Monday Night Farmers Market 

Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers are my favorite. They are not only healthy, but make me a very happy girl.

It’s hard to get to the Farmers Market on weekends sometimes, which is why I love the idea of the Glens Falls Monday night market. Plus, it’s a great way to start the week. I look forward to finishing work and heading over to pick up some fresh items. It makes Monday a little less daunting. 

Considerably smaller than the Saturday market, there is still plenty to pick from. This past week I picked up non-GMO corn, apples, onions, beets, peppers and huge sunflowers. 

Some have argued with me that buying produce at the farmers market is more expensive than in the store. Sometimes, I agree that is true, however several things to remember – you see exactly where your money is going, the produce is typically a lot fresher, sometimes even picked the same day, which means it usually lasts longer and the taste is just so much richer. 

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