Glens Falls Duck Race

The Glens Falls Duck Race, hosted by the local Kiwanis Club, is such a cute event. 

Not as famous as the Chicago Rubber Duck Race, but still a great time. Not only do they race ducks down the feeder canal, but they also have a bunch of family friendly activities, which is especially nice if you have kids. 

Oh, and have I mentioned it is dog friendly?! I mean how cute is this photo? 

For $5 each you can buy a duck to race down the canal. You fill out the paperwork, including naming your duck, and then pick one. Then they write the number on your duck and it gets put in with the rest of the ducks to prepare for the race. 

 Then, everyone lines up song the canal to watch them “race” down the river. They plop them all in the river and off they go. The winner this year reacieved $2,500 and then there were a bunch of other smaller prizes. 

It’s really a fun, family friendly, dog friendly event. 

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