Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma: Flowers in a Vase 


It wasn’t until a very long time after you passed away that someone in the family told me you didn’t like flowers.

Did you really not like them? Is that true?

I guess I will never really know if it’s true or not, but in my head, I refuse to believe it. We used to go walking in the grass and woods behind your house all the time and I would pick various flowers, usually these little purple wild ones, put them in a special vase you always kept in the China closet, and then set them on the table.

You always made a big deal about it, and said how much you loved them.

That vase I used to put the flowers in? It has been sitting on my dresser for longer than I can remember. I’ve always been afraid to use it, because “what if it breaks?”

But, the other day a group of snap dragons, one of my favorite flowers, broke off from the plants while I was planting them. Because I’ve decided to listen to Aunt Dee and  “use the good stuff,” I pulled it out and put the flowers in there.

The vase now sits on  my windowsill instead of my dresser even when there are no flowers in it. I’ve come realize that Aunt Dee is right, why am I saving all these items? Use them and enjoy them.

Dear Grandma is a tribute to Michelle’s great-grandmother, who inspired her love of the Adirondacks while visiting here since she was a baby. Her great-grandmother, now an eternal resident of Lake George, would always write her letters. These are the letters Michelle would be writing to her great grandmother about her life in the Adirondacks now. 

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