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Breakfast at Smokey Joe’s in Lake George

Since I have been eating mostly vegan as part of my experiment to cure my digestive issues, going out to eat for breakfast has been a bit challenging.

After seeing a veggie wrap on a menu at a dinner in New Jersey, which would have been vegan except for the eggs, I have learned this is my saving grace.

Most restaurants already have breakfast potatoes, and they usually have a variety of veggies. Put them together in a wrap, which most places have, and boom, you have a vegan breakfast. Maybe not the healthiest, but it’s still good every once-in-a-while.

I picked Smokey Joe’s because I really wanted to eat outside. Plus, I had a great dinner there last year and I just like the place for some reason. I explained to the waitress I was vegan and asked her if they could make it, at first she said she didn’t think so, but would check. She came out and said the chef agreed to it.

Dear Chef, Thank you! It was fabulous. Not one complaint from me. And, cheers to it coming out correct. Many times I end up still with eggs or cheese in it and have to send it back. This time, not at all, just veggies and potatoes.

It was perfect. I may have found my favorite new breakfast spot at the lake.




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