Saratoga Springs

Boca Bistro in Saratoga Springs

The Boca Bistro in Saratoga Springs had me as soon as I looked at their lunch menu.

Warm Spanish olives marinated with garlic, thyme and rosemary, citrus and bay leaf. Yes, please.

Grilled farm bread, pan sauce, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, marinated olives. Yes, please.

The taps menu has so many options that I was tempted to just order off of that, but since it was closer to dinner time, I opted for the vegetable sandwich — roasted garlic hummus, arugula, poblano peppers, piquillo peppers, pickled shallots, sundried tomato pesto served on ciabatta bread.

It was perfect. And, huge. I always buy arugula, but for some reason never put it on my sandwich. Now, I will be. I also grow poblano peppers, but never through to char them and stick them on a sandwich. Again, now I will be.

There were hints of spiciness, but it wasn’t crazy hot. It also wasn’t just loaded with hummus, which sometimes happens. Instead, there was a perfect flavor balance.

It comes with hand-cut chips, but for $3 extra, you can get a side salad or fried potatoes. I ordered the salad, and it included large leaves of butter lettuce that were at their peak.

Oh, and those olives, I still got to try them, because they brought them and fresh crispy on the outside, soft on the inside bread to the table.

My one complaint is they have no non-dairy milk options. Normally it wouldn’t phase me, but one, I watched my friend drink a cappuccino while I had black decaf coffee, and it is such a cute, trendy place I assumed they would have something like that.

Overall, the place is really nice, and I am looking forward to going back to try other items on the menu – especially their dinner menu. They even have vegetarian paella — Calasparra rice, cauliflower, red & green peppers, peas, tomato, mushroom, saffron, paprika. How good does that sound?

They have an outdoor patio, which I hope means that I can bring one of the dogs the next time I enjoy a meal there.

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  1. I love the chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I have had it several times but one day last week when the temps were so high I had the PB & J. I was shocked something so simple was so delicious. Almond butter and homemade jam on a warm roll. It was perfect for a hot summer day.

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