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Memorial Day Weekend Freeze in the Adirondacks

So, I received this notification.


Yup, a freeze watch Really? It is May, and Memorial Day weekend! There was frost warnings sporadically over the past few weeks, but a freeze watch? That took me by surprise.

Apparently, it can happen, but I guess because I previously never received notifications on my phone, I didn’t know. Plus, because I was away because of work so much, I maybe didn’t pay attention.

I already lost three six-packs of plants, but I didn’t want to lose anymore, so I brought these guys in my garage. Even the seedlings that were in the greenhouse, I decided to bring in.

And, forget a BBQ, when I saw it was already 40 degrees out, I pulled out a package of my vegan, gluten-free pea soup I had frozen earlier this year. It was perfect for this chilly night.

I still can’t believe it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and there is a freeze watch! Darn climate change!


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