Expanding the Backyard Garden

I love my garden, but I really don’t like gardening. At least that’s what I’ve come to realize. 

Planting the plants, picking them out at the store or starting them from seeds, walking out to the backyard to harvest veggies and making a delicious homemade meal. I like all those things. 

Turn over the soil, putting down the weed block, planning what goes where and pulling weeds. Not a fan. 

But, it has to be done. Which, is why, my Dad came up to help! 

I like to think I can do a lot of things on my own, which I can. But, digging up grass is a little beyond my strengths and my dads help was much appreciated. 

My original backyard garden was about 18 x 20, and I wanted to expand it by another 4 to 5 feet. Since I will be here all the time now, I can water it and take better care of it, so of course I wanted more room to plant! 

That, and by expanding it the way I did, it will make mowing with the tractor easier, especially since I want to also expand the flower beds. 

We also had to expand the fencing. That was actually pretty easy since I knew at some point I would want to make it bigger so we left the extra fencing there instead of cutting it off. All we had to do was move both the fencing and the poles out a little further. 

Not hard at all. 

All the weed block is down and now, I’m just waiting to put some plants in. Although some of these seedlings look like they are ready to get growing in the garden. 
When do you start prepping your garden? 

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