Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma: Waiting Up for Family

Dear Grandma, 

It’s funny how much I remember even though I was so little. Sometimes I wonder if I only remember things because of all the photos mommy took, but there are no photos of this, so I know it’s a real memory not triggered by a  Polaroid. 

Last week daddy decided very last minute to drive up and help me with several home project I decided to finally do. It was late. He didn’t leave New Jersey until after 10 pm, which meant he wouldn’t be here until about 3 am. 

Remember all the times mommy, daddy and I did that, especially on a weekend, to come see you? It was always so late and usually daddy would carry me inside straight to you. You were always awake waiting for us. 
My memory gets a little foggy after that, likely because I was so tired, but I do remember sometimes we would stay up and talk for a bit before bed. Poppy was usually sleeping and it was always exciting to go to sleep knowing I’d get to see him in the morning. 

I tried, but couldn’t stay awake until Daddy got here, so I fell asleep on the bed with the dogs. But, I did, still half asleep, wake up for about 10 minutes when he got here, at 3:30 in the morning. 

How did you always stay awake for us? 

Dear Grandma is a tribute to Michelle’s great-grandmother, who inspired her love of the Adirondacks while visiting here since she was baby. Her great-grandmother, now an eternal resident of Lake George, would always write her letters. These are the letters Michelle would be writing to her great grandmother about her life in the Adirondacks now. 

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