Adorable Garden Center in Ballston Lake

One of my very favorite things to do is randomly drive and stop at local farm stands, wineries, stores, basically whatever seems interesting.

That paid off Saturday afternoon on my way back from an agility trial with Maddux when I stumbled upon Green Acres in Ballton Lake, New York.

I mean first of all how adorable is this place?!

But, besides it being absolutely adorable, all the plants looked amazing. It started with the reasonably priced and great selection of herbs, and then I saw the vegetable plants. Less than $1 each, I was hooked when I learned that they grow them themselves.

Family owned, Kim, one of the co-owners, explained her father built the place, and now she and her sister operate it.

Needless to say, I walked out with a ton of vegetables, herbs and flowers. I even bought plants for my Dad in New Jersey.

I do my fair share of shopping at the larger home improvement stores, like Lowe’s, but when it comes to my vegetable garden, 99 percent of the plants always come from a local place. Most of my flowers do, too. It’s so important to support these types of family-owned, local places. Can’t wait to plant these guys tomorrow.

Where do you buy your garden plants?

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