Successful Kitchen Shopping: Penzeys Spices, Macy's and Boscovs

I am not really a “stuff” person. I would much rather spend $500 on a weekend trip to Florida, than on a purse, or kitchen accessories. 

In some cases this is a good thing, and in other cases, it’s not so good. Case in point, I have had my house for 5 years now. Durinng that time, I have used the same single-set of cookware, which I am defining as pots and pans, for that whole time. Last year, I very, very, very, very badly burnt the dutch oven that came with that set. When I went to make pea soup a few weeks ago, I had not one appropriate pot to use, and had to create a work-around. 
Well, thanks to some fabulous holiday prices at Macy’s yesterday, that was finally solved. Scored an over $100 10-piece cookware set for just under $40, and a steamer/pot, as well as an 8-quart pot, both for more than 50 percent off. 

I was super excited! 
During the same trip, Boscov’s also had some great deals. I scored these table cloths — the red perfect for christmas and the blue, perfect for the winter season — for $9.99, and 60 percent off holiday drying mats. I picked these patterns for the drying matts, because living in the Adirondacks, it really could work year-round. If you don’t have a drying mat, get one ASAP. They are perfect when you have extra dishes to dry, especially when company is over. 

Boscov’s was also running a special on several items, like this As Seen On TV product. Buy $20 worth of items and get this for $1. It seemed interesting. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype. 

Speaking of Boscov’s, I am obsessed with reindeer, and when I saw this shower curtin before Thanksgiving, I was in love. It finally went on sale and it may just stay up year-round. 

Last, but not least, a new year, means a fresh start, so why not start with some fresh herbs! I love that there is a Penzeys in the mall in Albany. My friend Vikki turned me on to their spices a few yerars ago, and I have to say they have some fabulous blends. Thier Florida pepper blend sprinkled on salad is my favorite. Well, $30 later, I will be going into 2015 with some fresh, and new-to-me spices. I can’lt wait to make some nerw creations!
My kitchen is shaping up nicely for what I hope to be a fun 2015! 

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