My First Vegan Cuts Box

You guys! I got my first box from Vegan Cuts today!

Thats just some of the items in my box. I was super excited when I saw the marshmallows from Chicago Vegan Foods, because I was craving them for my vegan hot chocolate. 

And, I recently read about Parma, but couldn’t find it anywhere and didn’t want to buy a whole thing if in case I didnt like it. This little trial packet is perfect! 

Before I get too carried away, let me back up a little, to CyberMonday, exactly. I had been hearing about Vegan Cuts, but have always been leery of the box subscription services. But, the idea of being about to try new products I may not be able to find locally, kept being more appealing. So, when they ran their CyberMonday deal, i decided to try it for six months. 
Although it is just my first one, I think I am going to like it. So far, my favorite “new to me” item are these non-GMO hard candies that are flavored with fruits and colored with vegetables. They are made by Torie & Howard. I have already looked up where I can buy them locally. 

Have you ever done a subscription box? I would love to hear about your favorite one. 

One thought on “My First Vegan Cuts Box

  1. Oh, my goodness… I have never done a subscription box, but this is one I'd be all over. I actually have those marshmallows in my cabinet right now and they were a HUGE hit for a fire pit/marshmallow roast with friends some weeks ago (even the die-hard 'mallow friends converted!). Also would love to try that vegan parm. Damn, now I'm sad I missed the Cyber Monday deal!!

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