Vegan, Gluten Free Taco Mix: The Spice Hunter

I find it hard sometimes to find items that are both gluten free and vegan. Although not surprising, it does fascinate me that so many spices have some form of dairy or milk in them. 

For example, I got a free, full-sized sample of Penzy’s taco seasoning a while back. I was excited to finally try it yesterday, until I looked at the ingredients.

Yup, lactose. Ugh. I was so disappointed! 
So, the search started to make sure I could find a vegan, gluten-free taco mix. I found several widely-available commercial brands that fit both these categories. But, then while in Hannaford, my Dad found  this by The Spice Hunter  — 

Organic, gluten-free and vegan taco mix! It was a little less than a dollar more expensive than the other brand I had in my hand, but I still decided to try it. 
It definately had a more mild taste, and I added a little sea salt to my taco, but overall it was pretty good. We also split the packge, me using half for my black beans and my Dad using hald for his ground meat. I think that sometimes messes with flavors, too. 
They also have a fajita mix, that I bought and am excited to try soon. 
I mean, look at this taco …  it looked and tasted, awesome. 


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