Saratoga Coffee Traders

When it comes to Saratoga Coffee Traders, it is as simple as this, I love that place. 

Where to even begin? 
First, they have dog-friendly, outdoor seating, which made it perfect for my friend Jen and I, because we both had our dogs with us. 

Second, hello, vegan food! There were so many healthy options, both with and without meat, making it perfect for a vegetarian and a meat eat to grab lunch. But, what really impressed me was the hummus wrap I had, which was vegan. 
The third, and may be fourth, items I loved might actually be obvious, but the coffee. Since giving up caffeine, decaf coffee sometimes leaves something to be desired at some places, but certainly not here. It was fab. Oh, and did I mention the free second refill? 
Fourth, the location. With it being right on Broadway, there is a lot of people watching to be done, and just the overall ambiance was nice. It wasn’t a stuck up crowd of wanna be hipster. Everyone was really friendly and chill, and they all pretty much liked dogs — a definite plus! 

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