Quitting Caffeine Cold Turkey

I love coffee, and tea. In fact, I have been drinking both since I was a little kid.

But, after doing some reading, talking to my doctor and hearing how much better a friend felt after she gave up caffeine, I decided to stop drinking caffeinated beverages. The very next day.

No, half-cafe. No just cutting it down to one cup and then every other day and then every two days, and then.

Nope. Cold turkey. Done. Finished.

I switched to decaf the very next day. Over the next week, I went through some serious withdrawal headaches. And, I had to take a migraine medicine which had caffeine in it. Six days into it, I also had to about about a 1/4 cup of regular coffee to my decaf in the morning for two days, but on the eighth day, the headache was gone.

And, you know what? I felt 150 times better.

Since eliminating caffeine, my stomach doesn’t hurt as much, I am not as anxious, I feel like I can think clearer and I’m not as nervous. I also haven’t taken one anxiety pill.

Surprisingly, I also have more energy, and I am sleeping better. Again, that all started to kick in right after day eight.

Looking back I really was likely drinking way too much caffeine. Between the 16 or sometimes 20 ounces in the morning, plus multiple cups during the day and even some at night.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start preaching that everyone should quit it, too, nor have I stopped getting a cup of coffee in the morning, or drinking a cup of tea once in a while. Instead, it has just been decaf. 

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