Adirondack Winery Among Upper Hudson Valley Wineries to Win Medals at Competition

Adirondack Winery  took home four medals, including three silver medals for
its Seyval Blanc, Baco Noir and Pink Gem (Niagara Blush), as well as a
Bronze medal for its Red Ruby (sweet red blend) wine during the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, which was held March 29-30 in Rochester to benefit Camp Good Days.

“We are proud to report that with this news, we have accumulated 100
medals for our wines over the past 6 years; very timely as our 6th Anniversary is this month,” Sasha Pardy, Adirondack Winery president, said.  

The Adirondack Winery is one of five Upper Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Association members who were awarded 31 combined medals.

Swedish Hill Winery, which has a tasting room in Saratoga Springs, won a Double Gold medal for its 2012 Riesling, as well as three Gold medals for its Cabernet Franc (2011), Blue Waters
Riesling, and Spumante Blush. The winery also took home six more Silver
medals and five Bronze medals from FLIWC.

Thirsty Owl Wine Company,
a Cayuga Lake-based winery that opened a tasting room and café in
Saratoga Springs last year, took home five silver medals for its
Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine, Diamond, Meritage, Merlot and Riesling
wines. The winery also snagged four bronze medals at the competition.

Meanwhiile, Amorici Vineyard, located in Valley Falls, was awarded with a bronze medal for its Cabernet Franc, and Victory View Vineyard
won a silver medal  for its Lafayette wine, which is a blend of
98 percent Marachel Foch and 2 percent Marquette grapes that grow at their vineyard
in North Easton, Washington County.

The farm winery also took home
Bronze medals for its Charlotte, Fieldstone and Turning Point wines
which are also made from grapes grown in their vineyard.

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