Breakfast at The Bank Cafe in Lake George

I can’t believe I haven’t been to The Bank Cafe in Lake George all these years until this morning. 

First off, it is adorablly cute. Situated on Canada Street, pretty much next to Duffy’s, it has a nice outdoor patio on each side of the front steps that is dog-friendly, and makes for great people watching. 
Inside, they have tables and chairs, and a small kitchen where you order. They have tons of options including an avocado shake! (which I plan on trying next time if they still have it). Seriously though, they have bagels, stuffed french toast and a lunch menu that includes tons of veggies and even hummus. 

You have to go inside to order, but they gladly bring you out your food. After they served us ours, they came back out with two treats for Toby, which gives them a big thumbs up in my book. 
My sandwich was pretty delicious, and the selection of coffees were abundant. 

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