Summer Fancy Food Show: Food Trends, Products & Displays

Last weekend I headed into Manhattan to attend the Fancy Food Show. It wasn’t my first time, but it was certainly the first time I had enough actual time to see almost everything, and even then, I missed some things. 

The show is huge! Bu it is a great place to see new products, look for the new trends in food, network and get to taste foods that you may not typically get the chance to try, because they are either an international company, or in so many cases, your local store just doesn’t carry it. 
I also love trade shows. They are one of the places where I feel the most comfortable. Maybe it’s because I love to find new products, or because I love to talk with and meet new people. Either way, they are a lot of fun. 

So, lets get to some of the trends I noticed. First, I’m really excited that I saw more gluten-free and vegan options out there. Companies are realizing that those with a gluten sensitivity, or those who choose to obtains from animal products, are powerful consumers and they are creating foods that taste good to meet that demand.  

For example, the pasta above is both vegan and gluten free, is made in Italy and tastes pretty darn good! The wild blueberry muffin below is likely one of the best muffins I’ve tasted, plus they are putty healthy. 

Quick, simple and easy, but also healthy was another trend I noticed. Like these sprouted lentils that are incredibly healthy, but take way less time to cook than normal ones do. 

There seemed to be a big push for pumpkin seed oil, as many of the booths were touting the health benefits, and creating various recipes using it.

The only problem with shows like these are that I always find products that I love, but my local stores never seem to carry them! 
For a ton more photos, trends and products that I liked, check out our album from the show on Facebook. 

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