Adirondack Barn Boxes

I’m such a sucker for anything local, unique art, plants and the Adirondacks. Well, these Adirondack Barn Boxes hit all of those points. 

They immediately caught my eye as soon as I saw them at the Bolton Landing Farmers Market last week. The boxes are made from old Adirondack barns, and while some of the styles are similar, each box is truly unique, because of the type of wood and vines that are used. 
Plus, it’s a great, Eco-friendly way to up cycle the barn wood! 
Michael, the artist behind the boxes, is very nice, and took the time to let my indecisive self pick through not only what he had out, but also what he still had in the truck. 
In the end, I couldn’t decide, so I bought both! 

Obviously, the plants can change year-to-year, but the boxes will last. They are also super reasonably priced for a handmade piece of art. 
I couldn’t decide whether I was going to put them in the front porch or back deck. For now, they are in the front, but I’m sure that at some point I will be investing in two more for the back. 

How great do they look?! You have to check out Adirondack Barn Boxes if you see them at a farmers market or show. 

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