Gluten-Free Gnocchi In Vegan Garlic Sage Brown "Butter" Sauce

Last night I made a super quick, but delicious meal that sounds harder than it was.

First, if you eat gluten-free Nd you haven’t heard of Conte’s brand, you are missing out. I first tested their products at the Natural Products Expo East show last September. They are fabulous and their products include gluten-free pierogis, gnocchi, pizza and more. 

Everything you see above was all I needed to crate a delicious dinner. 
Wile the gnocchi was cooking, I heated 5 tablespoons of soy-free Smart Balance in as hallow, but lAge saucepan. Once it was really hot, I added one clove chopped garlic and stirred fluently so it didn’t burn. Then I added  six chopped leaves of sage and cooked until it got fragrant. 
Just about the same time, the gnocchi were done. Using a slotted spoon, I scooped them from theater and put them in the garlic, sage mixture adding a little of the cooking water. Also sprinkled a little crushed red pepper flakes on them for added flavor. I cooked them just until they were starting to brown. 
So good! (And super quick and easy!) 

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