Penzys California Style Seasoned Pepper

I love a good salad, but the dressing can make it, or break it. For at least the past year, or so, my typical dressing is a little bit of olive oil, sea salt and basil. Sometimes I will add some red wine vinegar, too.

My friend is crazy for the spice shop Penzys, so we made a stop at the Albany location on Sunday. I picked up a few items I had never tried before, including this California Style Seasoned Pepper. As soon as I smelled it, I could taste it on crisp lettuce leaves with a little olive oil drizzled over it.

Oh my gosh, soooooo good! It is a combination of tellicherry black pepper, red and green bell pepper,
onion, garlic, which give it a little bit of a bite, but doesn’t make it spicy. 

The company recommends it for grilled meats, but I highly suggest it sprinkled over salad. It gives the flavor of a cracked peppercorn dressing without the heavy creaminess.  

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