Disney World: Pop Century and Spring Training

Last Saturday morning, this was my view:

Warmth, sun and relaxation — well sorta. I was in Disney World for the weekend to catch a spring training game between the Yankees and Braves, and then headed to Epcot on Sunday before catching the last flight home.

The big resorts at Disney are nice, but when I go someplace, I typically don’t spend that much time in the room, and since transportation to Wide World of Sports is limited, I couldn’t justify spending hundred of dollars per night on a place where all I was going to do was rest my head. So, I opted to stay at the Pop Century Resort.

It had its quirks — I could hear the toilet flush from the room above, I heard people walking to and from the elevator, people could walk right past the window, so I kept the curtains shut. But, overall, it was fine for what I needed. There was ample amount of pool space to relax at, it had a direct bus to the Braves’ spring training facility, had a decent food court and a pretty friendly bar.

The spring training, however, was absolutely fabulous. This was my third time to this facility, and dare, I say the best. Every other time, I had really good seats, but ended up walking around anyway. So, this time, i got smart and bought lawn seats on the third-base line. They were perfect!

We were right above where the visiting team’s pitchers and catchers warmed up, and sitting on a blanket on the grass against the fence was way more comfortable to me that being crammed next to others in a seat. Plus, if I had to get up to go to the restroom, get food or a beer, you didn’t have to ask what usually feels like a million people to move.

Most of the time, I end up walking around the stadium to take photos from different angles, so I finally decided to pay for a premium seat made no sense. And, after this experience, I think this is what I’m going to do all the time.

Of course, what baseball game wouldn’t be complete without a beer, right? Well, this stadium has you covered. in addition to your typical Bud Light and Miller Light drafts, they also had craft beers on tap at certain locations. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find those locations, and went with a Bud Light, but the interesting thing here was the way they charged.

Your first beer, in a souvenir cup you could take home with you, was $8. Typical stadium price. But, if you brought back your cup, additional refills were only $4, which not only saves the customer money, but also cuts down on the amount of glasses — and trash — being used/created. I thought it was a smart move that more ballparks should implement.

Check back tomorrow for my adventure in eating (and a little drinking) my way around Epcot and the terrible time I had finding a place to eat Saturday night in Downtown Disney.

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