Emeril’s Italian Table

Last Saturday, I was supposed to be in Bethlehem, Pa. for work. The plan was to drive out in the morning and drive back home. Well, when a pesky “little” blizzard dubbed Nemo by the weather people decided it was going to dumb inches of snow on the Northeast, my plans changed.

I decided to drive out there Friday night, because I knew there was no way the roads were going to be drivable enough Saturday morning. The only place close that wasn’t sold out was the Sands Hotel and Casino. I’m not a gambler, so the casino part didn’t really appeal to me, but what did come in handy was that once I got there, I didn’t have to go back out to get dinner — which was good because shortly after I got there, the snow started falling, and falling, and falling.

The casino boasts a bunch of restaurants, but at first I didn’t find many vegetarian options, until I looked at Emeril’s Italian Table.

Equipped with a wood-burning oven within eyes’ view, it’s hard not to want to order one of the delicious sounding — and moderately priced — pizzas on their menu. I went with the margherita pizza, a simple tomato, basil and mozzarella combination.

Paired with a glass of pinot noir, it made the perfect dinner. The crust wasn’t too crisp, and because of the the way it is arranged, you not only got to enjoy the taste of fresh basil, mozzarella and tomato, but also the olive oil brushed crust.

The restaurant is a good pick if you have a large group, or just a variety of tastes with your party, because they pretty much have something for everyone. Plus, the prices aren’t that bad considering where it is located, it’s a celebrity-named restaurant and the food is good. My pizza was $11, and items on the menu range from about $9 to $27, with many entrees coming in around the $15/$16 mark. 

This is one thing I really liked, even though I wouldn’t eat it: Coming in combinations of one, three or five, you pick from a variety of salumi or cheeses — a welcome choice because many times boards like that come with a set of specific items. The option to pick what you want is a welcome feature.

While I have no issues eating alone with I travel, I don’t like sitting at a table by myself, so I usually sit at the bar — whether I’m ordering a drink, or not. The staff was very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Overall, it’s a good pick if you’re looking for a delicious dinner in the area. 

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