Resolutions 2013

Last year around this very same time I wrote a post about how I hate resolutions, and instead talked about goals.

Goals, I think are easier to keep than resolutions, plus you can see progress toward them. Some of my goals last year, in addition to drinking hot lemon water everyday (which I did pretty good with) was concentrating a little bit more on me.

I did ok at it: I worked with a life coach for a while, I stopped beating myself up over little things as much as I used to, figured out what I wanted to do with my career and realized a lot of things overall about my life.

This year, I’ve decided to create more goals, and start living the life I really want. For example, I would love to be an ADK46er, but I always thought it would be unattainable. Instead, I sat down and figured out what exactly I would need to do to make that someday happen. As a result I joined a gym and got over my anxiety of working out in front of other people.

I’ve also always wanted to be more eco-friendly, but was worried about price, convenience and other stuff. But I’ve decided that I can at least try and see if it makes a difference to me.

Was I happy with my ridiculous sephora bill after buying a bunch of vegan, gluten-free and “healthier” cosmetics? No, but I do feel a lot better when I put my makeup on everyday.

Same goes for my attitude toward eating. While I doubt I will ever be 100 percent vegan, gluten free and raw, more of food choices have leaned that way in the past few weeks, and you know what? I feel 110 percent better.

I know I have a gluten sensitivity, but I never really thought about dairy. Then, the more I read about it the more I wanted to try not including it in my diet as much. I can’t begin to tell you the difference. That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy a piece of pizza from the Harvest but it just means that I really pick and choose what I eat these days.

In addition, I’ve been incorporating a little more raw foods in my diet, and again, my energy has skyrocketed. The only downside, I recently realized is that you need to be careful when you drink when eating a mostly raw diet.

I’m not writing this to preach, or suggest that’s what you should do, instead I am writing this as a way for myself to chronicle his little journey/experiment I’m trying. I would love to hear about your resolutions and goals for 2013 in the comments below.

Here are also a few photos of the new foods I’ve incorporated into my diet to achieve these goals. These are truely items I have found and like, and have not been pitched to me in any way.

One thought on “Resolutions 2013

  1. Yay for upping the self care piece! What a great way to start the year.

    I'm on a roll with setting my goals around how I want to FEEL, then letting the road to those feelings unfurl. I've never felt healthier or happier.

    2013 is going to kick ass!!!

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