Ambrosia Diner in Queensbury

Located right off Exit 19 in Queensbury, the Ambrosia Diner is a welcome addition to the current dining options in the Lake George area.

As soon as I saw it going up, I was a hopeful, but a little skeptical. I’ve always said a Jersey-style diner in this area would be awesome, but it had to be done correctly. Last night I was excited to see it was finally open and decided to try it.

Being a Jersey Girl before an Adirondack Chick, I went into this with pretty high expectations, especially considering I grew up going to some of the best diners in New Jersey. Well, it did not disappoint!

They have a wide variety of options including a nice selection of salads, full dinners, panini sandwiches, wraps, burgers and more. There is even a decent amount of vegetarian options other than the typical grilled cheese I’m usually stuck with. And, the Veggie Lover’s Wrap — shredded lettuce, tomato, onions, portabella mushrooms and peppers — is even vegan.

I decided, however, to try the fettuccine alfredo for two reasons. One, the last time I had it at another place, it was horrible and I’ve been craving a really good one, and two, it’s one of those dishes that you can usually judge a place by. {plus, I was having a terrible day, so comfort food that I don’t normally eat was definitely needed 😉 }

It was, fabulous!

 It was creamy and rich, but not overly heavy. It also didn’t leave a
puddle of butter, which makes an alfredo sauce go downhill real fast in
my book. Even this morning, I took a peek, and it was still solid — no drippy mess.

The dinner came with a choice of soup, or salad. I picked the salad, which had fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes and crisp cucumbers.

 My Dad had the chicken scampi, which since I don’t eat meat, I didn’t really think of taking a photo of until after he was eating it and said how good it was.

Since it was the first time we were there, it was only appropriate that we had to sample the desserts, especially after reading that all the baking is done on site. After trying to decide between carrot cake or cheesecake, we opted to try a pastry that the diner I grew up going to, called a nut roll.

 I was a little worried that while everything else we had tasted great, this wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Instead, it exceeded it!

The pastry was slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside. Packed with cinnamon and almonds, it quickly exceeded my expectations. It would make a fabulous breakfast with a nice cup of fresh coffee. Speaking of breakfast, I’m looking forward to going back sometime soon to try their French toast, which is made with homemade Challah bread.

Oh, and I almost forgot. It really is like a Jersey diner — it’s open 24/7 🙂

7 thoughts on “Ambrosia Diner in Queensbury

  1. Did they pay you for this review ? The employees have no idea what they are doing , it is overpriced ,food is meodicre at best and the management all give miserable looks and like to scream at employees . We might try it again to see if they have worked the numerous kinks out but that is to be determined .

    1. No, they 100 percent, absolutely did not pay me, ask me to review them or anything of the sort. In fact, I don't even tell people that I'm writing about it when I'm there. I always give 100 percent unbiased reviews and if I was given something or if there is a pre-established relationship, I always disclose it.

      Our experience and food was really great there for dinner. I tried it several days later for breakfast, and it wasn't as great as dinner. The breakfast prices I thought were a bit off, my eggs were just OK and I didn't like the cheese danish. But, we still had good service.

      Was it as good as dinner? No. But, for dinner — at least what I had that night — it was good.

  2. Worst food, service and management EVER! It's too bad because the decor is nice. Everything seemed to have been previously frozen and "fresh" veggies were old, slimy, and should have never been served to anyone's table. The manager told me to to "F%@k myself" when I complained about the old salad (this was without even asking for a refund). The food was over priced for the poor quality of the food and service. I will never return and I would never recommend this dump to anyone!!

  3. I can assure you that you do not want to eat at Ambrosia. The management always has miserable looks on their faces because they ARE miserable. No fun at all is to be had. The owners are greedy nasty and selfish people who would rather take advantage of their customers to make a dollar. Disgusting! No way will these people EVER get my business again!

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