Wednesday Wine: Wycombe Vineyards’ Chambourcin

Wycombe Vineyards‘ Chambourcin isn’t for everyone, as I learned when I served it at dinner over the weekend. But, if you like a spicier red with a peppery undertone, definitely give it a try — it’s a true Chambourcin.

I picked this bottle up a few years ago during a weekend that was spent visiting vineyards along the Bucks County Wine Trail.  It might have stayed on the shelf a bit too long, because it had a bit of a “corky” taste. Overall, it was the way I remembered it: peppery with a bite.

It balances very well with a sweet sauce, or a dish that’s not too bitter. I paired it with eggplant parmesan, topped with a very sweet homemade tomato sauce.

If  Chambourcin is not your style, but you are in the Bucks County Pennsylvania area, still check out the winery, because it’s beautiful! And, they have a wine selection of wines to choose from.


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