The Digest Diet: I Cheated!

Let’s just get it out there – I cheated.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s only three days in.
Call me a failure. Say whatever you want, but what I can
tell you is that I’m still losing weight. Granted, I bet if I stuck to it 100
percent exactly and did the exact exercises, I would be losing even more.  So far, it’s been about a pound a day. 
To put that into context, I started embarking on really
watching what I eat in early August, after I decided that PCOS was not going to
dictate my life and I was going to figure it all out. I started making raw,
vegan kale shakes for breakfast instead of just eating my normal apple and
fresh organic peanut butter. When I was hungry, I reached for a protein like
cheese over a bag of gluten-free chips. And, with an abundant garden full of
cherry tomatoes, when I craved something salty, I sprinkled sea salt over them
cucumbers to get my fix.
As of today I lost, and kept off, 10 pounds. That’s 10
pounds over a month. I’ve lost three pounds in three days on The DigestDiet. That’s pretty darn good. Although all the writers, like me, participating
in Reader’s Digest Blog It Off Contest are competing against each other for a chance to
appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine, that is not as important to me as
it is to work these tools and techniques into my everyday life – like the
shake. {Although I would never turn down freelancing for them … 😉 }
I have been making one every morning. 

Instead of immediately going for popcorn or lentil chips as
a snack, I’ve reached for cheese
or fresh vegetables. I think that’s why despite “cheating” I am still losing. I also haven’t been eating as much. When I get stressed or have a terrible day at work, I am reaching for extra water or tea.

Speaking of stress, it is a huge factor in weight gain, and loss. The more stressed you are the more your body produces cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain and throw your system out of whack.

Ahh, yes, back to the cheating. 

Everything started out great yesterday, until I left for my
interview with having only sipped down a shake and eaten a slice of cheese. The combination of not
eating and three hours of talking my stomach had my stomach growling by 5 p.m. A friend
invited me to dinner with her and a former co-worker that I hadn’t seen in a
long time. My plan was to just have the soup, because I figured it was the
closest to those on the plan, but my friend had a coupon and the only way she
could use it was to have us order three dinners. I should have stuck to my guns
and said no, but I gave in.
But, I did ask for the sauce on the side, ate about half and
sipped on a lot of water and tea. I tried the appetizer, too which included
bread.  Did I feel bad? Yes, but I also
didn’t beat myself up over it, or think, “forget it! I cannot continue this
because I already failed.”
I didn’t do that because, whether or not I lose a tremendous
amount of weight like the diet claims, I overall feel better. My stomach doesn’t
hurt as much when I eat. My energy level is pretty darn high. Despite not
wanting to admit this, maybe I wasn’t getting enough protein and healthy fats.
For example, I had never thought to use coconut milk in my cooking. Chick peas in soup? Not
before this. 
Speaking of that, I am really looking forward to making the kale
and chick pea soup tonight. I tried to make it Tuesday night after I picked
some beautiful garden-fresh kale as you can see in the video below, but I
realized I had no vegetable broth in the house!

Make sure you are following me on Twitter, and Tout, as I will
be shooting video and photos while cooking tonight!

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