Sunday Funday: Double Vision at Shepard’s Cove

Whispy clouds in the sky, almost no humidity, calm waters, light breeze and strong sun. It was a  quintessential Adirondack Sunday this past weekend.

We were taking a Sunday stroll through Lake George Village when my cousin, who was visiting from L.A., suggested finding a place that had a view of the lake and have a beer, and some lunch.

 No problem. I knew the perfect spot: Shepard’s Cove.

An added bonus was the band– Double Vision. Don’t let their simple set-up fool you. They played everything from classics to Top 40, and totally hit the spot on a Sunday afternoon.

Although there is an upstairs and a downstairs at Shepard’s Cove, secure a spot on the upstairs outdoor patio, grab a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the view. It has always been one of my favorite spots in Lake George, especially on a night when there is fireworks.

They also serve food, which has typical bar favorites, but also a full menu, including veggie burgers for us vegetarians!

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