Food Makes Family at Old Forge Library

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to participate in a
panel about cooking in the Adirondacks at the Old Forge Library.

It was moderated by Hallie Bond and included myself, as well
as authors Nancy Best and Louise Gaylord. Nancy wrote the book Learning to Cook
Adirondack and Louise is the author of Camp Trillium.

It was so much fun! And, so interesting to hear about
everyone’s experience when it comes to cooking. If there was one theme of the
night it was how food connects families, and those around us. That was evident just by the event, because after it I felt like I connected with a whole new set of fun people — all because of food.

One question Hallie asked us that keeps sticking out in my
mind was about whether or not, our recipes were specific to the Adirondacks,
or would they be the same anywhere? I was so split on this, because yes, many
of my recipes will taste the same whether they are made in Lake Placid or Bora
Bora. But, they wouldn’t have been created if it weren’t for the Adirondacks.
For example, my grilled eggplant pizza wouldn’t be if it weren’t because I had eggplants growing like crazy in my
Adirondack garden. Same theory goes for my kale and basil pesto, poblano pepper soup and
a number of other original recipes on my website. They all have their roots in
the Adirondacks, and there is almost always a story that goes along with them.

This is where the inspiration for my eventual book, comes
from. It’s not just about the recipes. It’s about the stories that go along
with them. It could be a dish that I let marinate for 8 hours, because of a fun
kayaking adventure we went on during the day, or a dish that a friend and I
created because she was visiting for the weekend and we went to the Glens Falls
farmers’ market.
If you attended the event, you know that I made my mushroomrisotto with sun dried tomatoes. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve made a
dish, I always get nervous serving it to new people. Not to mention, I had to
make it during the day, transport it two hours and then heat it up. Well, thank
goodness it all worked out and it was a hit. 
Thank you to the Old Forge Library for inviting me to be
part of this fabulous event. It was so much fun!

Do you find that you have fun stories about food and family, too?  

3 thoughts on “Food Makes Family at Old Forge Library

  1. I think my family created meals the same way. We lived around the corner from a little Italian bakery. In the early evenings my dad would go in and they would sell him left over dough and we would use it to make our own personal pizza. I think a lot of recipies are shaped by what is available around you!

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