Cupcakes at Sweet Temptations in Diamond Point


I could really stop my post there, because like other things in life, even bad cupcakes are pretty good. Luckily, this tray of them from Sweet Temptations in Diamond Point, landed on the delicious cupcake side.

After eating breakfast at the cupcakery a few weekends ago, I was way too full to immediately try them, so I bought a few to take home with me. They sat in my refrigerator for almost 24 hours, before I could finally take a bite of these sweet treats — and they did not disappoint.

Brought in from their Loudonville store, the flavor of the cupcakes lie mostly in the icing — at least in the ones I tried. I was a little worried that because I let them sit in the fridge for so long, the cake was going to be dry and unpleasant; something that happened to me the first time I tried a well-known, and not-to-be-mentioned cupcakery in Manhattan. Instead, I found a soft, fluffy and not too sweet chocolate cake that didn’t take away from the icing flavor.

I tried a mocha, one whose icing was dipped in chocolate, a peanut butter cup and a raspberry one. While the icing was sweet, you could definitely taste that the flavor came from what the cupcake was from and it wasn’t just a bunch of artificial flavors. You could see the pieces of raspberry, and taste the peanut butter.

Their selections seems to depend a lot on what they bring up from their other store, so I’m guessing it can vary, which is good, because it keeps you coming back to see what new flavors they have.

In true Adirondack form, they even have a S’mores cupcake, which the girl at the counter explained to me is made in part, by taking buttercream icing and mixing it with real marshmallow. While that makes it not vegetarian-friendly for me, I love that they use real ingredients to make their product.
I have to say, they do look delicious!

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