Celebrate National S’mores Day With a “Smo”

I love S’mores! Well, let me clarify. I love the idea of S’mores — friends wearing hoodies and flip flops gathered around a fire roasting marshmallows on a cool Adirondack night.  Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face.

There’s only one glitch. I don’t eat marshmallows…..

Even before I was a vegetarian, {marshmallows have gelatin in them} I really never liked the white pillows of air and sugar. I think it was always the consistency.

But, give me a bag of marshmallows and I will roast the entire bag, throwing the remains in the woods for some sugar-hungry animal to enjoy.

As a result, I started putting just a graham cracker and chocolate piece on the stick and put it over the flame quickly, just to get it hot. Yes, everyone laughed at me.

Earlier this year, however, when I did it at the Adirondack Pub and Brewery with my friend Vikki and her husband when we ordered their table-top S’mores, they not only got a kick out of it, but also named it — “The Smo.” {Get it? S’mores without the  r-e-s…}You can see it on the left.

A Smo, which has now become a long-standing joke, is just graham cracker and chocolate.

As soon as someone mentioned the word s’mores, I immediately have to tell them about the Smo. Yes, I’m a little obsessed — but it’s kinda fun. I even told the folks from Walmart and Hershey’s during a s’mores event during BlogHer last week about it. The idea was definitely greeted with a tilt of the head and a response that included the word “interesting.”

At least I’m not the only one who gets creative when it comes to s’mores. Last month at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, these s’mores were served at one of the parties. They were s’mores sliders and since I was able to remove the marshmallow, I got the chance to try them and they were fab! We will definitely be trying to recreate this dish.

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