Breakfast at Sweet Temptations in Diamond Point

Driving up Lake Shore Drive between Lake George and Bolton Landing {two of my favorite places}, you can’t help but notice this colorful sign for Sweet Temptations — a cupcakery and cafe in Diamond Point.

My Dad was up last weekend and remembered seeing it last month on our way to go paddleboarding at the Lake George Kayak Company. He figured it was also a bakery, and since he loves his Adirondack hard rolls, he suggested we “get some rolls and bring them back to the house.” I had never been there before, something told me they didn’t sell hard rolls, but whatever. I wasn’t going to argue.

Although, he didn’t get his hard rolls, because my assumption was correct, we did get one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in the Adirondacks.

Walking into the place is a kid’s dream — candy, candy candy! There is literally candy everywhere. Then you continue into the main area, there is a counter and cabinet filled with a variety of cupcakes, cookies, brownies and other sweet goodness. While I checked out the cupcake flavors, my Dad looked at the menu. As soon as he saw the words between the asterisks in the photo below, he suggested we stay and eat.

Coming from New Jersey, home fries and bread always come with your eggs, but for some reason up here, it seems like it’s usually one or the other, or neither. We took it as a good sign, and I’m glad we did.

My veggie omelette {I added cheddar cheese to it} was amazing. The egg was so thin, it was crepe-like and the vegetables were not over cooked, but also not undercooked. The mushrooms were soft, but not floppy and the peppers and onions had a crunch, but weren’t raw.

Oh, and those potatoes? Fabulous! Soft, but not mushy, with a a few slightly crispy ones mixed in.

We opted to eat outside on the blue and white polka dot porch, because it was a beautiful morning. I had gotten a family-like, hands-on feeling when we walked in, but it was confirmed in the middle of our meal when I asked the very nice man who I had seen serving food to some of the tables if he was the cook, because everything ?I wanted to compliemnt him on how good everything was.

He laughed, and said, “No, I’m the owner,” and proceeded to get us more coffee without missing a beat.

I’m absolutely looking forward to going back, and trying their other breakfast items like the french toast — which someone else next to us was eating and looked scrumptious.

You might be wondering about their cupcakes. We tried them, too, so look for another post on that later this week.

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