Lake George Restaurant Review: Legends Restaurant

When I saw the sign at Legends Restaurant in Lake George Village saying they have a pet-friendly patio I couldn’t contain myself! A place I could enjoy a nice breakfast, drink or dinner with my dog sitting at my feet? Yes, please!!!!

I made it a point to go there last weekend for breakfast. Soft music playing at a low level combined with cute patio tables that aren’t your typical plastic chairs was a welcome sight on a beautiful Sunday morning in the Adirondacks.

For being in the heart of the village the prices weren’t that bad and the combinations sounded pretty good. {Except, I can’t figure out why they don’t serve toast with eggs and it has to be ordered a la cart.} Being a fan of large mugs for coffee, I was excited to see their cup resembled many of my favorites at home.

This however, is where the excitement ended.

Right after we ordered the people behind us, who were just finishing their breakfast, asked the waiter for their check adding that he never brought them their hash, napkins or utensils! They were eating their breakfast with their hands.

OK, well sometimes waiters get busy and make mistakes. I used to waitress and am usually very forgiving in this department to the point where if I see the server is running around crazy I will just walk up to the station and grab an extra knife, fork or napkins myself — not to be rude, but just to help.

Our table was a little dirty and we asked for something to wipe it with, as well as extra napkins. Our server said yes, but then never came back. We finally asked another server.

Then our meals came out —

Pancakes with bacon for my Dad.

An omelet with unlimited toppings inside (very cool) all for one price with a side of hash {for an extra price}.

Looks fabulous, right?

Here is where everything really went downhill. My hash was cold, the eggs were like rubber, the veggies were totally raw and it was filled with mozzarella. I ordered cheddar.

My Dad asked for butter for his pancakes and the waiter said sure. He never came back. At all.. 

I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was white cheddar, so I asked the other waitress there. Nope, it was mozzarella. While she was very nice and came back out telling us that the manager would comp our breakfast, which we quickly declined. The people next to use also ordered an omelet and hash, and they too were complaining about it.  

I will admit that I wasn’t the nicest of persons to them during this ordeal, because it makes me so frustrated when I visit places like this, because there is SO much potential!! I was really, really looking forward to this becoming one of my go-to spots, because I could take a walk into the village with my dog, and have a delicious breakfast without worrying about him.

Yeah, not so much.

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  1. Bummer! We're going to be going through Lake George on our motorcycle trip in September and I got excited when I saw your post title. Will have to pick another restaurant, which may actually be dictated by where we stay. Thanks for the review, but so sorry about your experience.


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