Connecticut Wine Trail: Miranda Vineyard

For this week’s Wednesday Wine, we are staying in the northeast, but taking a trip to the Miranda Vineyard in Connecticut. I was near their beautiful property in Goshen last Friday and stopped in for a visit and tasting.

Nestled away off all the major roadways, this winery is surrounded by fields filled with grapes hanging from perfectly perched vines. Walking up the front steps of the tasting room you are greeted by a wooden wine press that reminds you these people are serious about their wine.

Once inside, you have the options of buying wine by the bottle, glass or doing a tasting. I did a tasting, and ended up buying the two I liked the most — their merlot and seyval blanc.

{The next day I paired the white with an Asian grilled scallop recipe I will be sharing very soon!}

The seyval blanc was very light and refreshing, making it perfect for a hot summer day like the one I visited on. I could easily see this as a pre-meal  drink while sitting on the back patio. The French oak-aged merlot was hardy, and dry. They say it would pair well with pasta, and I 100 percent agree.

One look at the vineyard’s “about us” page, and it will have you smiling. Wine making is a craft that was passed down generation to generation in Manny Miranda’s family, and it was always his dream to open his own vineyard. After he and his wife retired, they decided to open this business. So, it’s just natural that the tasting room and property has such a happy family feel.

There’s a large area in the tasting room with comfortable tables and chairs where you can sip wine, chat and listen to live music when they have it. I was there on a Friday and the live music was just getting started. There are also benches outside where you can picnic and take in the view. {Just note that they don’t allow outside beverages on the property}

If you go: 
Miranda Vineyard
42 Ives Road 
Goshen, CT 06756

Website: http://www.mirandavineyard.com/index.html
Directions: http://www.mirandavineyard.com/Directions.html

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