Colebrook Country Wines Special Reserve 2007 Pinot Noir: Wednesday Wine

I stumbled across the Gansevoort, N.Y.-based Colebrook Country Wines at the Bolton Landing farmers market, and after tasting two of their wine, I was sold on a bottle of their 2007 special reserve pinot noir.

If you read the label, you wouldn’t think a vegetarian like me would be interested: Pairs exceptionally well with grilled meats, spicy ribs and pasta with meat sauce. A great reason why, in my humble opinion, you should never use the label as your only factor in deciding whether or not to buy a wine. 

The first night I paired this with spaghetti with homemade non-meat sauce, and zucchini fritters. It definitely had a strong oak taste, which makes sense because it is aged for two full years in premium French oak.

It also had a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingered on the back of your tongue after a sip.

 Against all wine aficionado recommendations, I capped it the wine and put it in the fridge to finish have with dinner the next night — and I’m glad I did. I know it sounds weird, but it tasted a whole lot better chilled. It was much smoother and was great as a sipping wine while I was preparing dinner.

Not sure if I would buy multiple bottles, but overall, not a bad choice and absolutely worth a try if you like pinot noirs.

Wine Details:
Colebrook Country Wines
Gansevoort, N.Y.
Tasting room? No.
2007 Special Reserve Pinot Noir ~ 13.5 percent 
Purchased at Bolton Landing Farmers Market

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