Places to Eat During Lake George Area Restaurant Week

My apologies Adirondack foodie friends for this post coming in the middle of the week, but things have been a little crazy around here.

This week is Restaurant Week in the Lake George area, and while unfortunately I am traveling because of work and am not around to enjoy most of it, I did eat at my share of them last year during the event and can give you some suggestions on where to, and where not to dine.

For those of you not familiar with Restaurant Week, each participating restaurant offers a special three-course meal menu for the price of $20.12 per person. It’s a fabulous deal, because at many of these restaurants dinners start around $15. Plus, all the menus are online, so you can see the selections before leaving home.

So, lets get to the good stuff.

The number one, absolutely 100 percent, must-go-to place during this week is ….

Porreca’s Restaurant!

This place is by far one of my favorites in the Lake George area. Let’s start out with the fact that everything — from the butter to the cheese to the pasta to the sauce — is homemade.  It was the first place I went last year for Restaurant Week, and having never been there before, it pretty much ruined it for many of the other restaurants I tried, because they set the bar so high. You can read my full review from last year here.

Next, you must try Giovanna’s on The Lake inside The Georgian. Our dinner there was terrific and the service was impeccable. My photos from it, however, never made it to my website because shortly afterward I had an issue with my Blackberry. But, trust me, it was tasty and totally worth stopping in. I can’t wait to go back.

If you’re in the mood for seafood, check out the Lobster Pot. I’ve been going there for what seems like forever. Every time I order the same thing — broiled scallops — and every time, they come out perfectly cooked. You can read my full review here.

Places to skip? The Boardwalk Restaurant. I had a terrible experience there last year during Restaurant Week.

While I haven’t eaten there during restaurant week, I do frequent the Adirondack Pub and Brewery often, and they always have great food. I’ve never eaten at the Log Jam, but have a friend who raves about the place. {Actually, I’ve been told I was there as a kid, but obviously don’t remember how the food was!}

Have fun! And, if you check any of these places out, tell them The Adirondack Chick sent you! {They may look at you weird, but I appreciate the plug 😉 } 

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