A Dippy Success

I am on such a dill kick lately! For an herb that I hardly ever used in the past, I’ve probably used it at least five or six times in the last two weeks — including in this pre-mixed dip packet we picked up at the Glens Falls Farmers from Northeast Corner Herbs.

The hand-blended seasoning packet makes two batches of dip, and all you need to do it add one cup mayo and one cup sour cream. In no time you have a tasty dip that won’t overpower the veggies you put it on.

We used baby carrots and cucumber slices, but the dip would also go great with broccoli, peppers or cauliflower. For an added treat use the dip in place of mayo on a veggie or steak sandwich.

Keep a packet of this on hand for when unexpected guests stop over, or you need to whip up something fast to bring with you to a party.

Don’t live in the area? Don’t fret — you can order the dips, and there other delicious seasonings, right from their website!

2 thoughts on “A Dippy Success

  1. I love dill dip! This post has reminded me to pick some up ASAP. To make it a little more healthier I've been making my dips with plain greek yogurt, although I love dill dip enough maybe I'll cave and do a half and half sour cream/greek yogurt mix on this one 🙂

  2. Love your blogspot….just happened to come across it….you have to try my mixes…I'm The Dip Lady out here in sunny and hot Chandler, AZ just southeast of Phoenix.
    Check me out….I'll send ya some dips too to try and see what you think.
    Thanks so much,

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