Cookies at Glens Falls Farmers Market

There was more than just fruits, vegetables and locally grown meats at the Glens Falls Farms Market two weekends ago — there were homemade cookies,  including gluten-free and vegan ones!

Of course, I had to try them, and they were so good that I savored them over several days. {It likely would have been longer, but I was leaving for Nebraska and couldn’t take them with me}

Chocolate Heaven and Peanut Butter Sandwiches from The Veg Cafe.

Cookies from Round House Bakery

If you like peanut butter, definitely try the peanut butter sandwiches from The Veg Cafe, because they have a crumbly cookie outside and a soft inside loaded with a creamy peanut butter filling that beats the creamiest peanut butter you could ever get in any jar.

Their Chocolate Heaven and Vegan Cappucinno Chip were also excellent, but I have to say my two favorites that will keep me going back were the gluten-free Amaretti Italiano and Rustic Sicilian Macaroons from Round House Bakery.

 Oh my gosh — so delicious!

Seriously, they tasted just like the Italian cookies my great grandmother would bring from Brooklyn, but gluten free. Crispy on the outside and slightly soft inside, with the perfect amount of almond taste. Totally worth the $1.50 each price tag.

Here’s a short Tout I shot showing them all off the day I got them. Oh, so good! You must try them!

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