A Trunk Full of Plants & a Backseat Full of Peat

No, it’s not the lyrics to the latest country song, although I think it could make for some fun music. Instead, it was me almost $200 later as I ran all over the area getting items for my garden here in the Adirondacks and my Dad’s in New Jersey {the veggies are his Father’s Day present}.

I spent hours yesterday pouring over the large variety of vegetable, flower and herb plants at Watkins Garden Center in Hudson Falls. They have more types of peppers, tomatoes, squash and eggplant than you can imagine!

Every year I like to plant something I haven’t grown before. Last year year it was watermelon, butternut squash, cantaloupe and pumpkins. This year, my “newbies” are beets, acorn squash, brussels sprouts and bok choy. I also bought some new varieties of tomatoes, as well as Italian parsley which I’ve never grown before either.

My entire trunk was filled with plants!

My soil is pretty sandy, so I went over to Garden Time and got four bags of peat moss to throw in. I doubt it will be enough, but at least it’s something. The funny part was, it took up my entire back seat!

 I’m heading out to get planting before the rain comes.

What did you plant this year?

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