A Minty Surprise

I love growing my own vegetables, fruit and planting flowers around the house. In fact, if it were up to me, a majority of my yard would be covered in vegetation instead of grass — although I guess the dog does need an area to run around and play 😉

So, when Kim from Happy Hour in the High Peaks, asked me if I was interested in some of the extra rhubarb plants she had I eagerly said yes.


What was just as sweet of Kim was that she offer me some peppermint plants, too! And, I absolutely love peppermint — and not just for mojitos. I’m always drinking peppermint tea for my usually grumpy tummy, so I’m really looking forward to trying to make my own tea with them.

I’ve never grown either of these before so any advice would be much appreciated. I’d also love for you to share a link to your favorite rhubarb and peppermint recipes!

One thought on “A Minty Surprise

  1. Thanks for the mention, Michelle. We at HHHP hope to be in our lab soon, experimenting with mint and rhubarb. Maybe both of them in one cocktail. Won't that be interesting? And, we're going to get more creative with the rhubarb margarita. Blueberries for a bluebarbarita?

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