Getting the Garden Planted

Could I have picked a hotter day to plant this year’s vegetable garden? It was g-r-o-s-s!

the middle of planting I ran to the local Rite Aid to pick up some
vitamin B, because I was getting so drained because of the heat and
needed an extra jolt. If my beets, one of the new additions this year,
come out, it will be a miracle, because they were the last thing I
planted and I was so tired, they were lucky they got done at all.

the heat, it was definitely worth all the sweat that went into it —
now I have two gardens with tons of {hopefully}delicious vegetables!

The garden in the front of my house is where the previous owners had made one, and then there is another in the back that I started last year. The second one in the back has a bit of a drainage issue — it actually drains too well because my soil is so sandy.

This year, I decided to try mixing in peat moss to help the soil retain more water …. eight bales later it was all mixed in and I had some pretty good looking soil. I hope it works!

As you can see in the photo below, I cover my garden with a weed block that I reused this year. It stayed over the garden all winter and we just pulled it back to mix in the peat moss, then pulled it back over. 

I took some Touts while I was gardening that I hope you enjoy. It shows you a little of what we did, and is more fun than just photos. Pardon my make-up less and dirt-covered face in some of the videos — gardening is not glamorous . ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you planted your garden yet? If so, what did you put in?

13 thoughts on “Getting the Garden Planted

  1. Looks awesome! I so wish I had gotten on the ball and planted a garden this year. What type of weed block is that? It looks nice and thick. Do you remember the brand name?

  2. Amazing garden, I've always wanted one. Besides NOT have a green thumb at all we don't have space for one in our current home. Loved these photos :).

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