Cooking Fail: Kale Chips Take 2

Despite growing kale last year at both my house and my Dad’s in New Jersey, I really wasn’t a fan. It thought it was bitter and gross and just ick! But, the more I read about the health benefits of the vegetable, I was determined to make myself like it.

The first time I made it, I sauteed the leaves — whole, stem and all — in a pot with a little olive it toil and garlic. Well, I don’t have to tell you that it came out tasting horrible. A few months ago, they had a large bag of the leaves on sale for $1.99. I snatched it up and started playing around in the kitchen with it. I found, that I really do like it, and what I think likely happened was that I let the kale leaves on the plant go for too long — giving them a bitter taste.

What haven’t been able to master yet, is kale chips, although I came really close last weekend.

After a lot of testing I finally found a flavor I love — Adirondack maple and sea salt — but I can’t get them to the correct crispness without burning them. I’ve tried cooking them for a short amount of time on high heat and a longer amount of time on low heat, but either way they don’t stay crisp or they get too crisp and burn.

Last weekend, they tasted good when they came out of the oven, but after putting them away in an air-tight container and coming back to them later that night, well, they were slimy and gross.

Any advice would be much appreciated! Especially since it looks like I’ll have more kale this summer 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Cooking Fail: Kale Chips Take 2

  1. I have no advice for you, but once you master it I'd LOVE to try it! I love any green vegetables in any shape or form! Best of luck, dear! Hopefully someone who knows more than just barely the basics of cooking can help!

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