A Very Veggie Easter {with a few cooking fails}

Entertaining 101 will warn you to never try a new recipe, or in my case recipes, for the first time when you are hosting a large crowd. Well, I tend not to follow the rules very well, because it always seems I’m trying some new dish when people come over or I am going somewhere.

Knock on wood most of the creations turn out OK, but there have been a few, like the liquor-filled cake I tried to make for a friend’s dinner, that have come out a complete disaster. Luckily, Easter in my family is a good time to try things.

While everyone else in the family is chowing down on pork loin, cabbage rolls and kielbasi, this vegetarian uses the holiday to test new recipes on my Aunt, who isn’t a full vegetarian, but leans toward a plant-based diet, and will try most of what I make.

After going to Wegmans and finding beautiful portobello mushrooms, artichokes and asparagus, I decided it was time to play. The menu for my portion of the dinner included:
– red wine grilled portobello mushrooms
– blanched asparagus
– boiled and grilled artichokes
– lemon honey vinaigrette/dipping sauce
– gluten free asparagus and onion focaccia
– apple berry pie cumble

Although I’ve been making artichokes and asparagus for as long as I can remember, I’ve never prepared it this way — and I had never tried making focaccia, nevermind a gluten-free version.

Oh boy, was this going to be interesting. I really thought there were going to be many more cooking fails {what I’m labeling things that don’t come out well in this and future posts, just because I find it funny} than there were.

The biggest issue was the new artichoke recipe, and in the end, everyone seems to suggest the problem was that the artichokes weren’t very mature, so there was not much meat on them. I have four more in the fridge, so I’m going to try it again.

The focaccia came decent, but I think I would use a different oil and maybe add a little more flavor to the flour. Those recipes still need some work. But, the Apple Berry Pie Crumble, the asparagus and the mushrooms came out fabulous and I’ll be sharing the recipes with you soon. The lemon honey vinaigrette/dipping sauce also came out great, but because I was rushing around I never measured ingredients. I have a slight idea of how much of what I put in, so I’m going to try it again, but this time while recording amounts of each ingredient.

For now, here’s a short set of Touts, 15 second videos that capture our Easter cooking adventure. I hope you enjoy them! When watched one after the other, they create a mini cooking-like show without the time-consuming editing process, so I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. I'm such a dork. All the times I've visited Toby's website and never noticed you write this one too. I write two blogs, so it's fun to see another glutton for punishment. Check out my art and travel blog at desertravenart.com
    Have a great day!!

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