Vegetarian Passover Extravaganza

By now, you are all likely familiar with my friend Vikki, who in addition to being an awesome Disney travel agent and journalist, is also a fabulous cook. Well, yesterday she and her husband were nice enough to invite me to Passover.

Since it fell on Good Friday, and some of the guests were Catholic, she decided to do an all vegetarian Passover, and invited me to come over early Friday morning and help cook. I love cooking with Vikki because we just work really well together in the kitchen. Since we have slightly different pallets, we bring different tastes to what we’re cooking.

Yesterday was no different, including the Napa Cabbage Spring Rolls we threw together on the fly by continuing to taste and retaste our mixture. We were in such a rush that we never wrote any of the measurements down, but I hope we can recreate the mixture again.

It was an all-day undertaking that started at 9 a.m. with guests arriving at 6 p.m. Vikki made an incredible spread that would make any vegetarian or vegan drool. In between cooking, I tried to take a few photos and also recorded some Touts, short 15 second videos, that will show you a little of what we cooked.

Thanks again Vikki and Les for a fabulous day and dinner. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Passover Extravaganza

  1. Michelle, I'm so glad I found your blog. This was so enjoyable to read and I love the idea of cooking a feast like this with a good friend. I belong to a book club that should really be called an eating club and you have inspired me to consider an all vegetarian menu the next time I host.

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