My Favorite Flower

I love sunflowers! The one in the photo at the top of my site was one I grew the first year I bought my house in the Adirondacks.

They got pretty tall, but not like those giant ones you see in photos. For my first attempt at them, it didn’t come out too bad. 🙂

The photo below is one I saw the other day in the grocery store, and had to do everything I could not to purchase it.

Last night I posted it on our Facebook page, asking what everyone’s favorite flower was. Much to my pleasure many of them were also fans of the sunflower.

What’s your favorite flower?

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Flower

  1. It would have to be roses, you can eat them, use them in cosmetics, & a home garden rose has a scent that can not be duplicated by any flower shop. Oddly, they grow very easily in our Zone 9 in Florida, no bugs, no black spot, no powdery mildew, who knew? I have no time for just a pretty face! LOL

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